OK, I give up.  I just don’t have “one” thing I do.

Nothing strikes terror in the heart of an artist like the words, as spoken by their instructor, “By now you should have developed a style.”  Gasp, or even Eeeep is a very common response to this statement.  This may be followed by “WHAT?” or “IS HE KIDDING?!!” and perhaps “Sh*t!”

So I tried, I really did, to develop “a” style.  I think right now, I have between one and five styles on which I am focusing.

After being layed off a job of 20 years, I went back to school to complete my Bachelor’s of Art, in ART!  Tah Da!

Now I am in business for myself, and darned happy about it!  When more of the money rolls in, I want to go back for a Masters Degree.  Not so much for the degree, but for the learning. Two years was just not enough.  I want more of what is in the heads of my teachers.  Also, there is nothing like art school or art classes, and being in a community of artists. 

Until then, I am going to paint my little heart out. (:>)

Vicky Barlow

June 1, 2016

About The Artist

Curiculum Vitae

Which one?  (:>)

Vicky Barlow     Artist

B.A., Fine Art, California State University Northridge, 2015
Art Center At Night, Painting, Sculpture
PCC Extended Education, Watercolor, Drawing, Pastel

Meeting and Event Planning, CSU Dominguez Hills, 2013
Project Management Certificate, CSU Long Beach, 2013

2014 “Art in the Garden.” Private Showing

2015 “Salon de Refuse’s,” Annual Student Art Exhibition, CSUN, Northridge, CA
2015 “Artisan Boutique,” Women at Work, Pasadena, CA

Current Process