Vicky Barlow     Artist


This collection concerns itself with how artists think, and how it affects their work. 

The first, "I Have to See to Create" explores the concept that some people have a library of images in their heads.  They sit down, and they draw.  Others must work from visual references. I am a reference kind of gal.

The second piece "Your Media Picks You" is a humorous look at artists exploring various media and finally having an "aha" moment of what they want to work in.  Something they like the best. 

Possible concepts to be explored include :

     Drawing from Life vs. from Photographs

     To Grid or Not to Grid

     Getting Distracted from Your Current Series

     Life's Distractions

     Representational vs. Abstract




Your Media Picks You

Acrylic on Paper

Framed 25"x19"


I Have to See to Create

Pastel on Pastel Paper
Framed 20"x16"

Art about Art