Vicky Barlow     Artist

A God by Moonlight

Charcoal on paper

Unframed 21"x14"

"The Balladeer" was just so happy I had to paint him.  He was photographed at an exhibition at LACMA many years ago.


Gods and Men

Sasayaku Hebi


Unframed .....

"A God in Moonlight" was originally photographed in the full light of day when I was in Indonesia.  I decided to use the technique of grinding charcoal into the paper for a  mid-range value, then lifting it out for the highlights and adding the darkest values.  This immediately suggested moonlight to me.  Hence, a God by Moonlight. 



Pastel on paper

Unframed  16.5"x12"

"Fortuna" is an absolutely beautiful bronze bust I found in a gallery.  She has a strong sense of peace.  I have tried to find the artist, but no luck. (:<)



OK, so why a section entitled "Gods and Men" when these pieces would fit just fine under representational you ask?

Well, when I worked on these pieces I felt a spiritual aspect.  Something strongly attracted me about the subject so I went for it. 

What kind of spiritual?  Heck if I know.  Just is. 

There will be more works added to this page as they come along.  Most likely my current work in progress, "The Dreamer,"  will end up here.  Also, I just took some photos of a gentleman named John. He is gorgeous.  Tons of wrinkles and great grey hair.  I hope he will end up here some day as well.

My "Sasayaku Hebi" (whispering or purring snake) was created my final semester at CSUN. The assignment was to create a mythical creature, write up a history for it, and create it in watercolor.  The beast is part flying snake, part peacock, and part dragonfly.  It drinks the nectar from the Wisteria blossom, and is how the rattle for babies was created.  Feel free to contact me if you would like a copy of the entire fable for this creature.

The Balladeer

Acrylic on Canvas

Ready to Hang 28:x22"