Vicky Barlow     Artist

This part is Under construction.

How to Purchase / Shipping Costs / Insurance / Returns

  • using credit cards or Paypal  (not yet set up to accept credit cards),
  • costs for shipping,
  • shipping insurance required (you won't want to keep it if it is damaged, and I won't be able to sell it),
  • if damaged, it will need to be returned,
  • i will deliver to Lake Tahoe, Atascadero, and various areas in Southern California,
  • 9% sales tax,
  • copyright restrictions. something along the lines of:
    • I will send you the original physical art, not a digital copy. I may, however, use the image myself in the future. (For the purpose of prints or t-shirts for sale, use in my portfolio, etc.) You may not take the image and profit from it yourself.
  • 30-day buyer's remorse period. (In other words, you may live with it for a month to decide if it works for you. After all, how can you tell untillyou see it live?)
  • insurance is required on any returned work.


Until I finalize this page, go to the "Contact Page" and send me an email. I will send photos and/or will work up the numbers and get back to you ASAP.  I will need your zip code in order to determine shipping costs.

If you think you might be interested in purchasing any of my works, or if you would like to get a better look at one or more of them...


I will be happy to send you additional images to give you a broader idea of what the piece looks like, and how it reads in different lighting. I expect this will be the norm if you are considering a textured work.