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Ver. 2

Ver. 3

Ver. 1


Good Morning!  So here you have my most recent work in progress.  The most current version will be at the bottom.

I started this as a test panel about 8"x10". At the time I thought I wanted to put colored glazes on "The Balladeer" (see "Gods and Men" link).  I was going to do a test to see how the glazing process worked. 

Once I created the test panel, I liked the composition so much that I stopped and started it as a full-scale painting.

Working title "The Dreamer."

Acrylic on Canvas

Largest size to date for me.


The source is a small bust created by my Mother when she was in art school.  Photographed it from a number of different angles and created the composition in Photoshop.

Right now I am kind of conflicted about it.  (Ver. 2).  I really like the transparency and layered effect, but it is in the very beginning stages.  I am concerned about overworking it, and losing the spontaneous feeling. 

Time will tell.

The new diagonal from upper left to mid-right is an example of synchronicity.  I used a used canvas.  If you look at Version 1, you can see the ghost of the diagonal showing through.  I did not see it until I stopped working on Version 1.  Then, all of a sudden, there it was!  Blam!  I had to put it in and keep it in.  It will add another dimension and another layer.